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In a perfect world, everyone would be able to get from place to place safely, and without any risk of harm. However, even with the existence of traffic and vehicle laws, there are still far too many car accidents that end up causing immense harm or even fatalities. Cars and roads are engineered to be safer, traffic legislation changes, law enforcement buckles down on lawbreakers behind the wheel. And yet we still have not been able to reach the point where it is safer to travel in a car than it is to fly in an airplane.

Where’s the problem?
The main variable is the driver. Pilots must go through rigorous instruction, training, and tests, and must continue to meet certain standards for the duration of their career as a pilot. Drivers go through minimal training at a young age, and are rarely checked or scrutinized for road safety and traffic law comprehension or application. In general, most people know how to drive, but it is their own impatience or egos that pushes them to drive in such a reckless manner.

Finding fixes along the way to the ultimate solution

Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate. Perhaps in the near future, there will be vehicles that create much safer conditions on the roads. But for now, we deal with the issues at hand, and unfortunately, that can too often be the need for a car accident attorney. Personal injury law firms see quite a few cases related to reckless or drunk driving, and cases that have resulted in catastrophic personal injury. Damages can be awarded, but in many severe cases, monetary rewards will not fix the physical damages or loss of life resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

This sort of reckless behavior can have permanent results, and no matter how good your car accident attorney may be, there will be repercussions that you surely did not prepare for when you got behind that wheel. Until the perfect car that allows for a pristine safety record is invented, we must take the responsibility of safe driving into our own hands.

Staying safe on the roads

Over 1 million drivers were arrested over the course of one year for drinking and driving, or for driving under the influence of narcotics. This is obviously a major issue that needs to be addressed and handled accordingly, but it is not the only factor that influences drivers. The Association for Safe International Road Travel, or the ASIRT, reported that there are more than 37,000 people who die in accidents on the road each and every year in the United States. Some of these are due to the use of drugs and alcohol, but some are due to distractions such as cell phones and other devices, drivers attempting to multi task behind the wheel, or the urge to drive at high speeds or in some other irresponsible manner.

Unfortunately, for those involved, it seems that for now, car accident attorneys are remaining quite busy. One positive statistic shows that there was a decrease in the percentage of drivers using electronic devices such as cell phones. There are ways to improve the safety of the road, and it begins with each and every driver stepping up to take responsibility to be aware and focused.

The best way to avoid the need for a car accident attorney is to drive safely. There are always unexpected situations, accidents, and the actions of other drivers that you cannot account for, but doing your part will not only save you a lot of hassle, but keep you and others on the road around you safe.

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