What You Need To Know When Filing Your First Lawsuit

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The United States is a country that sees lawsuits filed on the daily. Personal injury, bankruptcy and disability benefits are just a handful of the issues that are brought to the attention of courts nationwide. Whether these are settled outside of the court or brought to trial, attorneys are a necessary component for anyone seeking a conclusion to an issue that’s cropped up in their life. Claiming workers compensation or applying for business bankruptcy is a much more tenuous process without a sharp eye to accompany you.

Did You Know?

The majority of bankruptcies nowadays are filed by individuals, not businesses. Back in the 1980’s businesses accounted for 14% of bankruptcies. In the modern day, however, they barely reach 3% in any given year. Workers have reported a collective three million occupational injuries and illness back in 2013. Only 2% of personal injury cases will actually go to trial, with the rest handled outside of the court. Having an attorney by your side increases your chances of a successful case significantly. A bankruptcy lawyer, for example, will see a success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims at 95%.

I Need To Apply For Workers Compensation

The function of workers compensation is to provide employees with the resources they need to recover from an injury, illness or down period that puts their security at risk. Claiming workers compensation is a process that can be smooth or difficult depending on the state and the issue at hand. An estimated 20% of slip and fall incidents result in more than a month away from work. When it comes to claiming workers compensation, the maximum average for an employee who has damaged one arm amounted to $169,000 back in 2015.

I’ve Been Injured In An Accident

While claiming workers compensation is a valid pursuit if you’ve been injured or made ill on the job, an auto accident lawyer is a better option if you’ve found yourself recovering from a car crash. Drunk driving costs the country nearly $200 billion every year and, out of all car crash fatalities, 30% are attributed to driving under the influence. Distracted driving, as well, contributes to a significant amount of deaths, injuries and property damage. Auto accident lawyers focus on the steps necessary to assist an individual medically and financially.

I Want To Know If I Qualify For Disability Benefits

When a mental or physical condition keeps you from working, disability benefits can be the main component in keeping you afloat. These can include mobility issues and mental illness. Over five million people were awarded Social Security benefits back in 2014 and an estimated 65% of aged beneficiaries today receive at least half of their income from Social Security. Recent studies suggest that one out of every four 20 year-olds will qualify for a disability before they reach 65 years or older.

I Need To Seek Out The Help Of A Lawyer

It’s thought as many as one million people will apply for bankruptcy in an average year. When you find yourself in the precarious position of needing assistance, seeking out the right attorney can make all the difference. Your bankruptcy filing has a much higher chance of success with a bankruptcy lawyer and claiming workers compensation will be more likely to go through when you don’t have to worry about learning an entirely new legal field all by yourself. Filling out paperwork, gathering necessary information and interviewing witnesses are just a few steps of a complex process made simpler.

Stop by a law firm and see how your case can better benefit with a lawyer by your side.

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