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3 Situations Where a Business Owner Needs an Attorney

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Every business owner wants to ensure their companies are succeeding. Unfortunately, nearly every business owner could risk facing future legal trouble. Statistics from 2005 found that plaintiffs win 68% of bench trials and 54% of jury trials. No matter what side of the courtroom your business finds itself on, you’ll want to have a lawyer on your side. It’s understandable to wonder when to hire a business litigation attorney. Here are three situations where a business owner needs to contact an attorney right away.

  1. Employee Attempts to Sue Your Company

    No employee wants to find a job that isn’t a great match. Employers know that stress associated with employee turnover is costly for a business. In some situations, a relationship between an employee and employer can grow sour. If a former or current employee is attempting to sue your business, it’s time to contact a lawyer. Certain situations where an employee is trying to sue a company can cause appeals to be filed. Appeals can draw out the length of a trial. If you don’t want your business to not get bogged down in a lengthy appeals process, it’s best to have a lawyer or your side.
  2. Violation of Local or National Business Laws

    There is a wide range of laws that a business must follow. Many business owners are puzzled as to when to hire a business litigation attorney. It’s wise to have a business litigation attorney on your side throughout the lifespan of your business. Laws are constantly changing in regards to how a business must operate. Keeping a commercial litigation lawyer in your corners helps to ensure your business is prepared for nearly anything.
  3. Matters Where Arbitration is Best

    Not all disputes are settled in a courtroom. Statistics from the American Arbitration Association found that the median length of a jury trial in civil matters lasts over two years. It makes sense to want to resolve important matters in short amount of time. Arbitration allows two parties to attempt to resolve a dispute through a private third party. Statistics show that the largest case that was resolved by an arbitrator was for a claim of $232 million. Your business likely has too much to risk by not seeking the help of a business litigation attorney. Enlisting the help of lawyer ensures you have legal assistance, especially throughout arbitration sessions.

In closing, there are several situations where it’s best for a business owner to contact an attorney. It makes sense for company owners to ask themselves when to hire a business litigation attorney. Certain situations can make the commercial litigation process complicated. A business litigation attorney will help provide you professional advice in a wide variety of legal situations. You’ll want to find a business litigation attorney in the event that an employee, former or current, is attempting to sue your business. There are many local and national laws that have to be followed by a business owner. Commercial litigation attorneys help ensure businesses across the nation are compliant with local and national laws.

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