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Divorce Lawyers Who Can Help You Through a Difficult Time


For most people, the idea of entering into a marriage signifies a forever commitment. Of course, not everyone has this perspective, and a marriage is little more than a more serious relationship that could end eventually before finding their way into a new marriage. And others have the honest intention of marrying for life, but sometimes certain circumstances, inevitable personal changes along the way, or life itself ends up getting in the way, leading to the end of a marriage. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself looking at going your separate ways, it would be wise to find yourself a good divorce lawyer.

Divorce attorneys for smooth separations

There are those who can go their separate ways without much grief or turmoil. These are the individuals who have come to a peaceful resolution to their relationship and have realized that life is simply taking them in different directions. But for many people going through divorce, the process can be very difficult and painful. Some are not quite ready to let go. Others are hurt by the actions of the other. Some have gained some level of acceptance but have trouble with the idea of a new, unexpected chapter in their lives.

Wherever you happen to fall on the spectrum of the variety of different reactions that divorce can cause, it is a good idea to find a divorce lawyer to protect your rights and help you navigate the sometimes tricky or confusing proceedings. Letting someone on the outside of the situation take a look at things can provide the clarity that you may not be able to muster during this life changing process.

The prevalence of divorce in today’s day and age

Trends are starting to shift when it comes to marriages, but there are still plenty of people who marry quite young. While there are young newlyweds who stick it out through thick and thin, letting their love carry them through, there are others who simply grow in different directions. Sometimes, though the love is there, there are enough other factors at play that do not allow them to have a successful marriage.

Throughout the country, there is another divorce occurring about every 36 seconds, totaling around 876,000 divorces every year. And while some people are more successful in marriage once they have learned more about themselves, it seems that once someone has been through at least one divorce, they are more likely to throw in the towel again down the line. Around 41% of first marriages end in divorce, as well as 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages.

Children of divorce

One of the most difficult aspects to deal with when it comes to divorce is how to handle the situation when children are involved. Each and every year, over 1 million children find themselves in the midst of divorce proceedings, and around 30% of marriages that could be considered failing are those of couples who have kids younger than 18 years old. Even if the separation is amicable, divorce can be a traumatic process for children. Having a divorce lawyer present to advise how to move forward can help. It might also be worth consulting a therapist or counselor if children seem to be having a particularly hard time.

Divorce can be difficult, to be sure. But it does not have to mean that life will be horrible from that point on. It is merely a change, a new chapter, sometimes a bump in the road to recover from and learn from. Having a divorce lawyer at your side as you navigate the process can make all of the difference.

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