EPA Lead Certification Why It’s Important

Lead rrp certification

Approximately 3/4 of houses in the U.S. contain lead paint. Lead paint is the leading cause of lead poisoning with approximately three million children in the United States having toxic levels of lead in their body before the age of six. Children under the age of six are the most susceptible to the harmful effects due to the rapid rate their body is growing. Because of this, regulations concerning lead paint needed to be introduced and abided by.

Lead certification is important for a number of reasons. If a building was built before 1979 then the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that anyone working on your structure be EPA lead certified. This training helps teach lead safe work practices to protect people working around lead based paints, but there are other advantages this training has as well.

Customer Protection

Many homes and businesses which were built before 1978 then it was probably built with lead based paint. Certain practices must be performed to those houses and businesses, not just to protect the workers, but also to protect the occupants of the building. Any business who performs renovations on these building and does not follow certain practices can be held accountable for health issues such as exposure of lead dust which is inhaled by small children.

Company Protection

When your customers come in contact with lead, your company can face serious legal and liability struggles. Ensuring that all empolyees are EPA lead certified and follow all safe practices prevents this situation from becoming a reality. Lead paint certification is vital to protect the business you have worked to hard to build.

Now that you know how important EPA lead certification is, you might be wondering exactly how you go about getting certified. Certification and recertification are a lot simpler than you might think.

What Certifcation is Needed

To ensure that all contractors are abiding by safe procedures and practices the EPA implemented a program for contractors to participate in. This training gives contractors the certification and training required to safely and effectively work around lead based paint without putting others in direct harm from the lead dust. Certification is required and re-certification is required for this type of work.

EPA Lead Certified Remodelers

These remodelers must have an eight hour class. This class must be taught by an EPA approved instructor. Once this eight hour course is complete, cetification is good for five years.

Online Renewal Process

After five years a lead certification renewal course must be taken. The EPA lead certifcation online course is a four hour course which can be taken online. This option if available for those who choose to take the course before their certification expires. If your certification has already expired then you must retake the original eight hour course again.

In Person Renewal Process

Certain states do not allow you to take your renewal course online. These states require that you take the renewal course in person only. If you live in a state which requires you to take the course in person you can register and usually pay online for the classroom portion of your renewal course.

Don’t risk the fines associated with employees working without being EPA lead certified. It can wreack havoc on your business and tarnish a good business name. Keep your company, employees and customers safe by ensuring all employees are EPA lead certified and follow all rules and regulations.

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