USS Constitutions Excessive force attorney minnesota,Insurance coverage attorney minneapolis,St paul personal injury attorney Have You Been Involved in One of These Incidents? Here Are Three Reasons You May Need to Find an Attorney

Have You Been Involved in One of These Incidents? Here Are Three Reasons You May Need to Find an Attorney

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Each year in the United States, 31 million injuries occur that require the care of a doctor or other medical professional. While some of these incidents are the result of negligence on the part of the injured person, other cases may put the onus on another party. The best thing that a person who suffers an injury can do is contact a personal injury attorney to discuss an accident or other situation that has caused an injury.

When should you find an attorney after an injury? Here are three incidents that may require the assistance of a lawyer:

If you were injured in an auto accident:

Auto accidents are some of the most common types of accidents in the United States that will result in an injury. Every year more than two million people are injured in vehicles, and thousands are killed. The good news for accident victims is that most cases are settled out of court; only 4% to 5% will ever go to trial. For those who have been injured, this is a major advantage, as they will not have to go through the pain of recounting an accident before a jury.

If you have had an accident with a defective product:

From defective consumer products to amusement park accidents, there are many everyday objects that can cause an injury for a person. Amusement parks, for instance, see around 7,000 accidents each year. If a person is injured by any sort of product, especially if they weren’t even using it improperly, they are legally allowed to bring about a product liability lawsuit.

If you have been a victim of police misconduct:

Not everyone knows their legal rights with police, and a common misconception is that officers are above the law. However, police misconduct can arise in a variety of ways, from improper handling of a case to the use of excessive physical force. Police brutality lawyers and prison abuse attorneys will often handle cases that pertain to these issues, especially if civil rights laws have been violated.

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