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How to Make SEO Work for Your Law Firm

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Law firms aren’t exempt from the many businesses that have keyed into the trend of utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to boost their visibility. The YouTube video “SEO For Lawyers | How to.” looks into strategies law firms can adopt to double their SEO leads in under 90 days.

An effective way for a law firm’s website to rank high on Google search engine results is to optimize the website for location- and practice-specific keywords. Optimizing the website for Google maps is another effective strategy.

To achieve this, fill out the description and details about your law firm on the GoogleMyBusiness website. Also, ensure that the reviews of your business evince variety in volume, uniqueness, and timing.

Next, implement simple on-site technical fixes to your website to improve your indexing. This includes making your website HTTPS secured, optimizing it for mobile browsing, updating metadata to reflect your practice areas, and adding internal links. These changes automatically improve your website’s standing.

Other tips that are effective in SEO for attorneys include adding high-quality content to the site that increases time spent on the site and getting high-quality backlink referrals from websites with high credibility.

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