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Justice for All Resolving Your Issues With Professional Legal Aid

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Life takes us through a number of different paths, some of which are more difficult than others. Personal injuries, financial struggles, and other issues are simply parts of life but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done. With an experienced legal team, thousands of Americans have found relief from some of life’s biggest hurdles. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, consider contacting a trusted, local legal team for peace of mind.

Auto Accident Attorneys

Automobiles are possibly some of the greatest innovations in recent human history; coincidentally they are also some of the deadliest claiming thousands of lives every year in automobile accidents. Of all car crash fatalities, 32% are from drunk driving, 31% are from speeding, 16% are from distractions, and 11% are weather related. Each and every day there are nearly 300,000 drunk drivers on the road and yet fewer than 4,000 are arrested across the nation. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or even killed in an automobile collision where you were not found at fault, consider contacting a specialized legal team in your area to take legal action and hold the guilty parties responsible.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

The financial situation in the U.S. is difficult for many families thanks to the crippling debt that so many Americans face. Less than one out of every four Americans actually have enough money in their savings account to cover expenses for six months in the case of an emergency; this means that 75% of the nation are essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck. Student loans, medical bills, and credit card debt are significant contributors to these financial woes; the average American has 13 payment cards with the average credit card purchase being 112% higher than if using cash. In some cases, filing for bankruptcy may just be the best decision to eliminate outstanding debt. With a professional attorney the success rate for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim is over 95% and the success rate of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is 55%. Contact a legal team in your area to see if bankruptcy is the best option available for you.

Workers Compensation Attorneys

Every year, thousands of hard working Americans are injured on the job; in many cases these are minor injuries but every so often there is a debilitating or even fatal injury that occurs. Nearly three-quarters of all states require a business to have some kind of worker’s compensation plan laid out; unfortunately this does not mean that they will pay out as many businesses will attempt to place the blame on the employee rather than taking responsibility. Finding a workers compensation attorney that will fight for you or your loved one could help you get the financial aid needed to cover medical bills and living expenses. The maximum average compensation for an employee who damaged their arm at work in the U.S. amounted to around $169,880 as of last March if this is any indication as to the amount of money you could potentially receive. Contact a legal team in your area to determine whether or not you are entitled to a workers compensation claim.

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