Lawyers Are the Chameleons of Law

Lawyers are like chameleons of law, changing their color to suit the situation at hand. “Lawyer” is not quite the adequate title because “lawyer” is a very broad term. It does not begin to address what kind of lawyer. What you can take away from it is that they deal with the laws of the land.

You have divorce attorneys, personal injury lawyers, child custody lawyers; all different colors of the chameleon focused on one field, but a lawyer nonetheless.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are pretty self-explanatory: you get injured by an outside force, like a car accident or an injury at work, you call up a personal injury lawyer to make a claim. This field is focused on accidents, which means, self-harm does not count. Imagine you slip on the job–a fairly common accident in the workplace–then a personal injury lawyer would often tell you, you can make a claim against the people or entity in question.

Piggybacking off of that, this extends into the realm of worker’s compensation. Some cases of individuals getting worker’s compensation resulted in the individual not getting what was owed to them, or so little that it did not make a difference or match the severity of the accident. A personal injury lawyer could straighten that out.

Child Custody Lawyers

Children can be a sensitive subject, more often than not. As child custody lawyers go, it is their job to handle the delicate situation of allocating a child, or children, to the parent with their best interest in mind. You can probably imagine how ruffled a person’s feather would be in a situation like that, but it does happen and it does need to be addressed.

For example, you have two parents with a child between them. They are all living together. However, one is tangled in drugs while the other parent is doing what needs to be done. Well, that parent has a stronger claim to custody, not necessarily “full custody,” but more than the other parent. Situations like those are not always easy to handle. Child custody lawyers do not revel in removing a child away from their parent or parents.

Divorce Lawyers

Another self-explained field: you or your spouse wants a divorce, so you sign the papers to split the union. It is fairly common in the United States, considering it happens between 40 to 50 percent of the time. In fact, Louisiana can claim a large percentage of that since their divorce rate is the fourth highest, with Westwego, LA at 19.3 percent. However, that is best case scenario. A divorce lawyer would have a field day if it were that easy.

The problem arises when items and children are involved. Where do the children go? Is it their time split between both parents? What about the house they might own together? Who gets that? What about the car? Even the dog! Now the situation has extrapolated to something much more complicated. For a divorce lawyer, this is a normal day. It is their job to be the middle-man, to allocate the who and what and where of every item and person involved.

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