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Legal Support Can Help You Handle the Divorce Process

Getting divorced can be a traumatic life event, but unfortunately it is all too common. A number of factors are responsible for the high divorce rates seen nowadays, but the statistics don’t tell the entire story. For individuals, going through a divorce process can feel like the perfect storm. They will find themselves dealing with emotional, financial, and practical issues. Even in case of no fault boca raton divorces, it can be important to get divorce help from an experienced attorney. Divorce lawyers have the experience to guide you through the legal complexities so you can begin putting your life together again.

Divorce by the numbers
There are a range of factors that account for the increasing number of divorce proceedings. While every marriage starts out with high hopes, sometimes the stresses and strains of living get in the way of a happy partnership. One important predictor for divorce is the length of time a couple have known each other before deciding to get married. When this is more than three years, the likelihood of divorce is 39% less than if the couple have dated for less than a year before getting engaged.
Infidelity is the leading cause of divorce, according to the Journal of Family Issues. More than a fifth, or 21.6% of couples surveyed cited it as their main reason of seeking a divorce. Incompatibility is the second most important reason, cited by 19.2% of couples. Another 10.2% of divorces are caused by addictions like drinking and drug abuse.

Do you need a divorce lawyer?
Whatever the reasons for getting divorced, individuals going through the process experience this as a major life crisis. It has emotional, financial, legal, and family dimensions, and can quickly become overwhelming. Even in case of no fault divorces, there are scores of questions that you will want to ask a family lawyer. The answers will help you plan for the road ahead as you move on with your life.
It can take up to six months from the time the initial divorce petition is filed and served before the divorce becomes final. This period can be full of anxiety, self-doubt and a slew of other emotional issues. An uncontested divorce lawyer can help you deal with the legal complexity, filling out all divorce papers and giving you the breathing space to tackle other urgent issues. Having legal support makes the whole process clearer and easier to handle. It lets you map the route ahead, and to see how the legal process will end.

Choosing a divorce lawyer
When looking for a lawyer to handle boca raton divorces, it’s a good idea to talk to a few before making a final choice. You will have a lot of questions, and communications are important. Likewise, trust is an important factor. You will be relying on your attorney for advice and help with very personal issues and problems. You have to be able to rely on their judgement and there commitment to your welfare.
Finally, the attorney you choose has to have experience in the specific area of divorce law. If children are involved, experience in family law issues is necessary to make sure that all custody issues can be negotiated in their best interests.

Divorce can be a traumatic life event, and it helps to have an experienced attorney on your side, who can advise you on the complexity of boca raton divorces. With trusted legal help, you can focus on putting your life together.

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