Looking At Car Accidents In The United States

Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents are far too commonplace here in the United States. As a matter of fact, there are as many as six million of them happening over the course of just one year throughout this one country alone. Some of these car and motor vehicle accidents will be relatively minor, such as in the case of many fender benders, but others will certainly be much more significant and can cause a great deal of damage, both to the cars themselves, property, and even human life.

Unfortunately, the number of injuries sustained in these cars and motor vehicle accidents are many and frequent, with up to three million of them occurring over the course of a single year and leading to many a car accident and truck accident claim (though this will, of course, depend on the overall severity of the injury in question). Unfortunately, many injuries are quite severe indeed, and sometimes spinal cord injuries can occur, spinal cord injuries that can forever change someone’s life, making them having to completely reevaluate how they live and why.

Deaths are also quite commonplace in these car accidents as well, with, on average, up to 37,000 motor vehicle related deaths occurring over the course of a year. From a truck accident claim after truck accidents to a car accident claim after car accidents, many people will sue for wrongful death through such a truck accident claim when they lose a loved one in such an event. For many family members and friends throughout this country, a truck accident claim or other such personal injury claim filed through the help of personal injury lawyers can be hugely helpful for seeking justice and even finding some sense of closer, should the truck accident claim in question end up being successful.

But first it’s important to understand whether or not a personal injury claim like a truck accident claim is really even possible, as not all car accidents and truck accidents will be considered one of the valid types of personal injury claims out there. Typically, a valid car accident or truck accident claim will be had when someone in the car or truck accident is to blame for the accident occurring in the first place.

Such is usually the case, for example, regarding driving while under the influence, something that is far too common all throughout the United States, with more than one million people arrested over the course of just one year for driving while somehow intoxicated. Drunk driving is particularly prevalent, with as many as 300,000 people choosing to get behind the wheel while drunk on a daily basis. Unfortunately, only around 4,000 or so of these intoxicated and drunk drivers are actually arrested, leaving the rest on the road to continue to pose a danger to themselves as well as others.

And the toll that drunk driving takes is a high one, as statistics have discovered over the years. Currently, it’s estimated that around 28 people lose their lives in drunk driving related incidents on a daily basis here in the United States. In addition to this, even more people get injured, with a new person becoming injured thanks to drunk driving for every two minutes that pass, leading to many a truck accident claim, as well as many a car accident claim too.

Driving while otherwise intoxicated, under a substance that is not alcohol, is also hugely dangerous. In fact, this type of intoxicated driving actually leads to more than 15% of all the car accidents that occur over the course of a year here in the United States. It’s important to note that these drugs not just include illegal drugs but legal ones as well. Legal drugs, even when taken responsibly and according to medical instructions, can still alter the ability to drive for many people, and so it is important to monitor one’s reaction to a new medication when they first begin to take it, as well as exercising extreme caution when performing activities like driving in order to mitigate the risk of becoming involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.

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