Necessary Steps After An Injury In The Workplace

Your head would spin dwelling on the variety of situations and outcomes that come about when personal injury is involved. Personal injury attorneys are a lot like chameleons, being equipped to change color, so to speak, and knowing what needs to come next and how to handle the situation at hand. Vehicular accidents? Workers compensation? They do it all and everything in between.

From minor to major, vehicular accidents cause a world of pain that extends past the physical. An individual’s mental health is affected just as often as the injuries themselves, further crippled with the ever likely financial loss. South Carolina, for example, in 2015 had the misfortune of tallying four car accidents every minute, while nine minutes passing saw a single person injured. By the end of 2015, South Carolina experienced 56,800 traffic accidents, with South Carolina holding a depressing national average of fatal accidents of 62 percent.

Drunk driving is another common cause of accidents. If the possibility of paying $400 to $10,000, plus additional court costs of DUI fines, does not scare an individual from driving drunk, know that 1.6 percent of South Carolina citizens have driven drunk at least once in the last year.

The workplace can be a dangerous place no matter how many regulations are followed; freak accidents can, and do, happen and you might be hurt at work. But when they do happen, the investigation is what allows for workers compensation lawyers to determine if an individual is to be compensated for their workplace injury. Questions like, “Were they following the rules of the workplace” or “Did the injury occur under unregulated measures” are very common, and very much at the core of the case. If you live in South Carolina, there is a possibility of receiving as much as $838 per week in workers’ compensation.

However, a personal injury report is best served warm. In other words, the sooner you report the injury, after seeking medical attention, the sooner a workers compensation lawyer can get to work on determining the end game. Nursing in South Carolina, for example, is considered the most dangerous occupation with 10.1 percent of employees experiencing an injury on an annual timescale. Waiting too long results in the possibility of the event reaching its statute of limitation. In other words, do not let the meal get cold.

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