USS Constitutions California speeding tickets,County court,Traffic violations Should You Hire a Lawyer if you Received a Speeding Ticket?

Should You Hire a Lawyer if you Received a Speeding Ticket?

When to fight a speeding ticket

We’ve all had it happen. A few people keep quiet about it, but some are all too happy to tell the story! You might have thought the patrolman on the side of the road was already writing a ticket for someone else, but some how he also caught you as you drove by going nearly 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. In addition to red light camera tickets, misdemeanor traffic offenses, in some situations speeders are some times given a felony speeding ticket.

As of May 2014, estimated indicate that there are close to 200 million licensed drivers in America. In an effort to curtail the more than 30,800 2012 fatal motor vehicle crashes, which resulted in 33,561 individual deaths, officers will cite the biggest speeders with a felony speeding ticket. It is at this point that you may decide to hire a BIG firm to help you with your BIG ticket. Seeking legal services at this point can help you decide if you need to have a lawyer present or if you just need to be familiar with what to expect at a dmv hearing and know when to fight a speeding ticket.

In addition to receiving a felony speeding ticket, some drivers might have also run a red light. One in every three people say they know someone injured or killed in a red-light running crash so it is not surprising that this is an offense that is often ticketed. Because most, in fact 97%, drivers feel that other drivers running red-lights are a major safety threat this is another offense that does not go unticketed. In 2012, for example, 683 people were killed and an estimated 133,000 were injured in crashes that involved a vehicle running a red light.

Some drivers who receive tickets make the decision to go to a defensive driving course to avoid losing points from their license. If, however, you are a driver who has already exhausted this possibility it might be time for you to seek legal cancel. Working with someone who is experienced in fighting speeding tickets may be able to provide you more options than you realize you have. Do not just assume that you are guilty if you are ticketed. Take some time to explore all of the options available to you.

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