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Taking A Look Into The World Of Divorce In The United States

For many people, getting married to someone that they love is a natural part of the progression of life. However, many of these marriages do not work out over the long term and divorce too becomes part of this progression, part of this life. For couples who are both married for the first time, this divorce will likely happen at about eight years into the marriage. In addition to this, divorce rates for first marriages currently sit at a rate of just over forty percent, though there is recent evidence that suggests that divorce rates for first marriages are beginning to fall.

But there are many causes for divorce here in the United States, and one is simply linked to how many times you have been married, as each subsequent marriage carries higher rates of divorce along with it. For instance, a second marriage will have an up to sixty percent chance of ending in a divorce, while a third marriage will jump up to having a more than seventy percent chance of ending in divorce. And while divorces can happen for a wide variety of different reasons, infidelity, lack of communication (or poor communications skills and methods) and financial problems are top reasons for divorces to occur. The presence of spousal or child abuse is, unfortunately, another common reason for divorces to occur, as is simply the loss of interest in one another, or even just by one half of the soon to be separated couple.

Even your career can impact your likelihood of getting divorced here in the United States. For people of specific careers like optometry, sales, podiatry, and even engineering, the divorce rates are higher and it is more likely that you will end up getting a divorce. Unfortunately, other careers also still carry a risk of divorce as well, especially those careers that require the person in the career to work long hours and be away from the home for extended periods of time, something that is likely to add some stress into even the healthiest and happiest of marriages.

And while many people very much want to try to save the marriage instead of just defaulting to divorce, sometimes divorce becomes nothing if not unavoidable and the process of divorcing will leave both parties in a far better situation than they would have been otherwise. Of course, throughout any divorce process it is important to bring on a team of skilled divorce lawyers, as it is these divorce lawyers who will be able to help you navigate your divorce as smoothly as you possibly can. Divorce lawyers will be particularly important if your divorce is a difficult one, as the divorce lawyers that have been hired can help to mediate issues and bring about as much peace as is possible, at least throughout the process of negotiating the divorce if not after it as well in many cases.

Divorce lawyers will be incredibly important not just for an uncontested divorce but in difficult cases where children are involved as well. In such cases, divorce lawyers hired should also be experienced with managing matters of child custody, as a custody evaluation might also need to come into play, as unfortunate as this might be. And as basically all divorce lawyers can tell you, a large number of divorces involve children that the couple produced before or during the period of time in which they were married.

When a couple with children hires divorce lawyers to help them through the legal process of getting a divorce, it is also not unheard of for them to hire child custody lawyers as well. A child custody lawyer can help such a couple to determine a custody schedule that works for everyone, something that can certainly be difficult to do when it comes to going through the emotional process of a divorce. After all, parents tend to want what is best for their child or children, and divorce lawyers and specialty child custody lawyers can certainly help them to do this in as constructive of a way as is possible, even in cases of very contentious and incredibly difficult divorces.

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