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The Basics of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Pre-litigation, also known as Investigation

At this point, we do a lot of research. This includes visiting the scene and looking into the circumstances that may have led to the incident. We usually ask clients to fill out intake questionnaires. A lawyer will conduct a thorough interview with the person who has been injured. They’ll check to see whether they’ve lost money, missed time from work, or had medical costs.

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Usually, we’ll aim to acquire insurance because it’ll be the wallet that pays for our client’s recompense.

During the investigation stage, the most crucial thing a client must do is seek medical attention. We can put together a package and send it to the bodily injury adjuster once we get the medical records and diagnostic tests, and then start negotiating the case to see if we can secure compensation according to personal injury law. In a lesser case, it could be settled before the trial, but if it’s a more significant injury, we need that medical record so we can file for a personal injury lawsuit and overcome any obstacles, such as a petition to dismiss, so we can progress the case quickly and effectively.

You may be entitled to compensation for your losses, grief, and suffering. Your recovery will be made easier by us. You’ll need the help of a top-rated New York personal injury and automobile accident lawyer to get the greatest outcomes.

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