The Crazy Lawsuits Are Back For More

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The never-ending onslaught of dumb lawsuits is almost too much to handle. Almost. Welcome to another collection of wild and crazy lawsuits that will make you wish you had accident and injury lawyers on standby. Try not to take legal action for how hard you’ll laugh.

Dude, where’s my napkin? – When the general manager of a McDonald’s in Pacoima, California wouldn’t give Webster Lucas an extra napkin, he decided to sue the franchise for $1.5 million, claiming emotional distress. I don’t know about you guys, but I have never been emotionally distressed about one napkin. More than one napkin, maybe. Do you need a personal injury lawyer for a bruised ego?

You didn’t tell me NOT to do this! – While acquiring walking directions from Google Maps, Lauren Rosenberg was led right to Utah State Routs 224. Even though it was clearly unsafe for pedestrians to traverse, since it’s a literal state highway, she decided to give it a shot anyway. When she was hit by a car (duh) she sued Google for $100,000, claiming that the directions they’d given her were bad and unsafe. Maybe next time she should just ride her bike. (Though I claim no responsibility for any bicycle head injuries she may acquire if she reads this! I pass all responsibility onto the bicycle injury attorney.

I don’t get it! – Robert Glaser, while trying to take a leak at a Billy Joel concert, didn’t realize that the bathrooms in the stadium were unisex, and entered one to see a woman using the urinal. Thinking that he’d accidentally gone into the wrong bathroom, he searched and searched for a men-only restroom and never found one. He assumed that the bathrooms were incorrectly labeled, and tried to sue the stadium for the emotional distress and embarrassment it caused him. I’m embarrassed for him, frankly.

Whether you’re awash with personal injury lawsuits or are looking for a bicycle injury attorney, remember to stop and appreciate that you’re not as clueless as these people.

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