The Fight for Fair Bail Laws in the US Continues

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The California Bail Agents Association has asked to be allowed to defend the way the state handles money-based bails in a lawsuit against San Francisco.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera brought up this bail fairness issue, stating that it’s “unconstitutional”, because poor people are forced to remain behind bars whether they committed a crime or not, while wealthy Americans go free.

Herrera said that he will no longer defend the city’s bail law because it “creates a two-tiered system: one for those with money and another for those without.”

There are roughly 14,000 bail bondsmen working for a bail bond company in the U.S., and many are fighting for fairer laws, while many others are trying to keep the laws the same.

According to The Sacramento Bee, across the U.S., beginning last year under Equal Justice Under Law, civil rights groups have been fighting for updated bail laws that are more fair for the poor.

The California Bail Agents Association (CBAA) filed a motion to support current bail laws in the state.

“If Plaintiffs’ requested relief is granted, not only would CBAA’s interests in existing bail bond contracts be wiped out, but CBAA’s entire, constitutionally-approved industry would be destroyed,” reads the CBAA’s motion, “with detrimental effects to California’s criminal justice system.”

The Examiner states that currently, under California law, every county is required to post a schedule that automatically sets the amount of money bail defendants need to pay for release prior to their arraignment.

“It doesn’t make anyone safer,” Herrera added. “It’s not right and it needs to stop.”

The San Francisco lawsuit is one of 11 filed across the U.S. recently, and a hearing on the bail association’s motion to intervene has been set for December 13 before U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers.

It’s important to consult with a trusted bail bond agency if you’re in need of a professional bail bond service. Although some situations are certainly unfair for everyone, it’s still your constitutional right to have access to fair bail, and a qualified bail bondsman working for a trusted bail bond agency can assist you throughout your court process and make sure you are being taken care of. Helpful links.

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