Three Key Facts On Remote Body Cameras

Every single year, technology continues to grow and improve. Now, there are so many great benefits that can come from thoughtful and inventive ways of using technology. For instance, using remote body cameras for police officers is one of the latest and most brilliant ideas. These types of devices can help keep both police officers and citizens as safe as possible.

Police body camera benefits are all in the data. For instance, the Pew Research Center has a survey every single year. This survey has revealed that nearly 66% of all cops and over 90% of all citizens said that they are for the use of body cameras by cops. Due to the fact that cops will record interactions with people, they believe it is safer for all parties. Here are all of the facts on remote body cameras:

Remote Cameras Are High In Demand

A study was conducted involving the number of police departments in the United States using body cameras. This study, in March 2015, revealed that about one-third of the police departments are actively using remote body cameras. There are nearly 18,000 police departments and therefore, this number suggests that this country is much closer to getting every department to use cameras.

Remote Body Cameras Can Protect Police

In the year of 2000, just about 11% of all state and police highway patrol cars had dashboard cameras. Now, there are more than 70% of all state patrol cars with these kinds of video systems. Dash cameras act much like remote body cameras and this points to the rise of this forward thinking. If there are more and more police departments using cameras to improve peoples safety, then this trend should take over the country.

Another study conducted in 2015 tried to determine how remote body cameras altered and changed public interactions. This study managed to reveal that over a quarter of all cops said that these devices help improve their interactions with people across the country. This is important because almost 93% of the 8,000 cops involved in a survey said they were worried about the dangers of the job. When cops are more comfortable, then they can have better experiences with people!

Remote Body Cameras Can Protect Citizens

In Rialto, California, the California Police Department reported a 60% drop in use of force by cops thanks to using body cameras. Therefore, it is easy to understand how much safer remote body cameras can make public interactions with cops. After all, many people are primarily concerned with how cops treat them or could potentially treat them. So it is important to consider both sides of this situation when debating using police body cameras.

A recent study was conducted involving complaints from the public in relation to using police body cameras. This study revealed that there were 93% fewer complaints from people when interacting with cops. Also, 50% of all officers involved in a Pew Research Center study stated that they think body cameras will help force cops to act better. As a result, nearly everyone is on board with using these cameras.

Another Pew Research Center survey revealed that over half of all administrators at police departments said that body cams will help make the public easier to work with. This means that people are more likely to cooperate with cops if there is a body camera involved. Due to the physical evidence of footage, people will feel at ease knowing that police will be held accountable.

In Conclusion

The use of remote body cameras is going to help literally everyone involved in police interactions with the public. Police officers will benefit from a safety net that provides them with comfortability. On the other hand, the citizens involved in the interaction will be able to relax knowing that someone is watching their situation unfold to try and keep them safe!

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