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What Are the Regulations Behind In Car Police Video Systems?

In car police video systems are becoming more and more important every day, but what are the regulations? How are they being used? The Youtube video “Body Cameras, Drones, and In-Car Video Platforms For Law Enforcement” shows exactly what you need to know about this technology and how it’s currently helping police officers with their daily work. Let’s find out more!
Police enforcement has been working with in car video platforms to provide better equipment and real solutions for officers. These systems are so helpful that they provide several different feeds from inside the vehicle and the cameras worn by the actual policemen.

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The incredible part of the platform is that it’s AI-based, so it’s learning all the time from what the footage shows.
As more information is fed to the AI, it can determine vehicles, people, objects, etc. accurately, and surveillance can become easier. The possibilities for the future with this system are endless. In terms of law enforcement, it strengthens patrol and helps to keep people safe. More eyes on what’s happening and files that document everything can help in tons of ways.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about in car police video systems.

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