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What Questions Should I Ask My Family Lawyer When Filing For A Divorce?

What to ask an attorney

You’ve already gone through a list of options when you’ve filed for a divorce.

Going through the positives and negatives of signing up for family counseling. Gauging the effect separation will have on your children. Navigating the tedious process of selling or claiming your assets. It’s a lot to take in and a long journey you shouldn’t be doing alone. Family law advice is more than capable of taking what can seem like a tangle of difficulties and parsing it into something legible, giving you back your sanity as you try to organize your life once more.

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What Is The State Of Divorce In America?

The first thing a family court lawyer will tell you is that you’re far from alone. The United States is seeing a surge in divorces these past few years and you won’t have to search very hard to find useful information on lawyers in your area. The median length of the average American marriage is around 11 years and it’s estimated over 40% of all first marriages will end in a divorce. Although men and women tend to end non-marital relationships in equal numbers, women have been found to be much more likely to initiate a divorce when in heterosexual relationships. This was concluded in a 2015 study, with the American Sociological Association finding nearly 70% of all divorces being requested by women.

Can They Help Me With Child Custody?

Many couples put off divorce out of fear of what the impact of a separation can have on their children. One of the many tasks a family law attorney will help you with is child custody. Statistics have estimated over one million children being involved in divorce proceedings every year, with some resulting in adoption and others scheduled visitation rights. Should you be interested in child support you will be required to set up a court date to discuss your financial situation, your separation status and anything else that may be necessary to the case.

Do They Provide Help With Visitation Rights?

Whether or not you want child custody or visitation rights depends on a few different factors. A function of a matrimonial law attorney is providing an objective view on the situation, even when you’re no longer married, helping both parties reach the most satisfying conclusion possible. The United States sees nearly 876,000 divorces every year, adding up to an estimated one divorce every 36 seconds, and nearly 30% of these failing marriages involve couples with children under the age of 18. Visitation rights will be scheduled and overlooked by the state.

What About Relocating My Assets?

Another factor that will work its way into your divorce are your assets. If you own a home or a trust fund, particularly with children involved, the first thing you should do is find information on lawyers who can help you with the specifics. Judgment can be clouded and fights can make it difficult to reach a viable conclusion, requiring the aid of a mediator to help you make the smoothest transition possible between married life and a new start. Living in a shared property, having joint custody of a small business and receiving state benefits are all factors to consider when filing for a divorce.

What Questions Should I Ask An Attorney?

Before you visit your local law firm and seek out information on lawyers you should write down a list of questions to ask your attorney. All information, no matter how minor, can be useful when coming up with your court date. The state you live in will have a major impact on your outcome. New York courts are able to make orders about child custody until the child reaches adulthood, with the court favoring custody that is in the best interest of the child. The Bureau Of Justice Statistics found just over 55% of all civil trials in state courts being decided in the plaintiff’s favor, with a median award of $28,000.

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