USS Constitutions Attorney,Dui,Waco attorney When Was the Last Time That You Needed Legal Advice?

When Was the Last Time That You Needed Legal Advice?

Everyone needs help at one time or another. Some people, however, need help that requires legal advice that can be pretty specific. If, for instance, you have recently been charged with a serious offense it is important that you get the most experienced legal help that is available. With a lawyer who understands property damage law, for instance, you can seek the recourse that you need after a drunk driver crashed through the front of your home. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a team of sexual assault attorneys it is important that you find a law firm that is both experienced and compassionate.

Fortunately, there are many lawyers who offer their services to many kinds of clients. By seeking the legal advice that you need as soon as possible, however, you increase the chances that you will get the kind of help that you need.

Many Lawyers Specialize in Very Specific Kinds of Cases

Our world is full of complications. For instance, did you know that the National Traffic Highway Administration estimates that someone is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes? Everyone of these victims will face countless hours of doctor’s appointments, physical and occupational therapy, and, in some cases, home modifications. All of these things, of course, cost money so it is in a victim’s best interest to get the help that is needed to ease the costs of many difficult transitions.

Consider some of these other facts and figures about the various reasons that someone might find themselves in need of legal advice or representation:

  • Although only about 3,200 are ever arrested, the FBI reports that each day people drive drunk more than 300,000 times.
  • Nearly 70% of the estimated 7,277,000 police-reported motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. that took place during 2017 were property-damage-only crashes.
  • 10.1 million people reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs in the past year, according to 2014 studies by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • 22% of drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter drugs in blood and or oral fluid tests, according to National Traffic Highway Administration roadside survey reports.
  • According to a 2000 study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 28% of victims report their sexual assault to the police, making sexual assault the least-reported violent crime.

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