6 Reasons to Call a Lawyer After an Auto Accident

Car accident lawyer

No one ever imagines they will be involved in a car accident, but if you are, knowing when to call a law firm could be the difference between the outcome you want or not. Vehicles are a convenient way of travel, however when not operated properly the results can be devastating.

Distracted and drunk drivers account for many automobile accidents that occur. A person is injured every two minutes in a drunk driving crash, and approximately 660,000 drivers are distracted by their cell phones at any given moment. Your diligence can only go so far on the road, so if an accident does happen knowing when to call a law firm is vital. read below to see why calling your attorney as soon as possible after an accident is the best choice.


Time most likely will not be on your side after a car accident. This is precisely why you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Just because you contact an attorney does not mean you must use them or that you plan to sue. It only gives you a sense of security knowing that you have one in case the need arises.


Trying to prove who is liable for an auto accident can turn into an extremely sticky situation especially if you do not know what you are doing. Eye witnesses in some cases may make it seem like it is a cut and dry case, when it may not be. In auto accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents knowing when to call a law firm is vital and immediately following your accident is a smart choice, just in case liability is not so easily proven. An auto accident lawyer will be able to use knowledge and resources needed to prove fault in an accident.

Damages can Get Extensive

Many people just think of injuries when they think of damages after an auto accident. They don’t consider other injuries include unpaid medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress and pain and suffering. These damages and injuries can add up quick, and without an experienced lawyer you may not get fully compensated.

Court Representation

Many times insurance companies are not so quick to pay on claims, including auto accident claims. This can mean a stressful nerve-wracking ordeal if you are not represented properly. In the event that your claim makes it to court, the insurance company will have lawyers on their side to represent them, so you need proper representation as well. There are approximately only four to five cases that ever go to trial every year, meaning that 95% to 96% end up getting settled outside of court. While these are promising numbers, you still don’t want to be the four or five percent that ends up going to trial and not having a lawyer.

Different States: Different Laws

Different states have different laws when it comes to auto accidents, and while this may not seem like a big deal, it can easily turn into a nasty situation quick. For instance in some states you can’t sue at all no matter who’s fault it is. Not knowing the laws in different states can leave you confused, hurt and upset. An auto accident lawyer can help navigate different laws no matter which state you are in.

You Can’t Just Sue

There is a certain list of things which must be done before you can choose to sue. If those things are not done then your case may never get heard at all. An auto accident attorney is familiar with what needs to be done in order to sue, and they can make sure it gets done. There is a timeline and certain steps which must not only be done, but documented as well in order for the process to go as it should. Trust this process with an experienced attorney rather than attempting to navigate the confusing details yourself.

Knowing when to call a law firm gives you peace of mind and comfort after a car crash. Worrying should be the last thing on your mind.

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