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Federal Law How a Bill Becomes Law in a Divided Nation

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Each state in the United States has its own set of state rules and state regulations. However, the United States as a whole also has thousands of federal laws that apply in all 50 states. As such, federal laws must go through a much different process to become law.

The United States Congress voice is the branch of the federal government that actually makes laws for the entire country. There are two parts to Congress colon the Senate and the House of Representatives. Anyone in any of those two bodies can propose a brand new law. These laws are referred to as bills. So, how does a bill become a law?

When a bill is introduced by a member of Congress, they are the ones who will be sponsoring it. When the bill is pitched, the other representatives and Senators will gather to talk about the bill as a whole. They will do some research and make changes accordingly. Once everything is completed at that point, the bill is presented to the house. The house will then vote on the bill.

If that bill ends up getting past see, it will then go through another body of Congress. At that point, it will go through a very similar process as it did with the representatives and Senators. The bill will again be researched, discussed, and voted on. If everyone that’s a part of Congress votes “yes” on the bill, it will then be presented to the President of the United States.

The president will then take a look at the bill and considerate. If the president, they can approve it and make it one of the federal laws. If the president doesn’t like the bill, they can reject it. if the president does choose to reject the bill, Congress can typically vote to override it, causing the bill to become a law. However, there is a certain instance in which Congress will not be allowed to do so. If the president decides to pocket veto a bill, Congress will not be able to take any further action.

There is a lot that goes into turning bills into federal laws. They have to go through many different groups of people, thoroughly discussed, go through law research, and then get a full vote. If the vote is a no from any party, it’s back to the drawing boards. At this time, there are over 300 bills waiting for Senate action and legislative research.

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