When Do I Need a Construction Attorney?


When do I need a construction attorney? The dream for any business is that things be both simple to run and profitable. Unfortunately, this is not always going to be possible, and for those times when things are not simple and profits are threatened, that’s when you need a construction law specialist on your side. Here’s why:

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney? When I Need Someone to Cut Through the Jargon

When it comes to the law, simply understanding all the terminology can be time-consuming and difficult. Wading through the details of builders risk coverage, for example, typically written for a minimum of one year, is something that a construction lawyer is best suited to help you fully understand. ISO Builder’s Risk Coverage Form, CP 00 20, is the simplified language commercial property programs used as the most basic avenue to give risk coverage to builders. Yet even that can be full of jargon and legalese. Hiring a lawyer to sort through all these things allows you to concentrate on what’s important.

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney? When I Need to Negotiate Contracts

One of the most widely acknowledged specialties of the construction lawyer is negotiating tricky contracts. The construction market in the United States was worth well over $1,000 billion in 2016, and contracts can make or break the deal or a company. Construction attorneys know what your company is capable of, what the laws are, and what kinds of terms will be fair to all involved. They can protect you from getting roped into a contract that becomes unprofitable for you long after it’s too late to change it.

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney? When I Have to Arbitrate Disputes

This is the worst part of any deal when it goes south and accusations start to fly. When that happens, you need experienced arbitrators on your side who can protect your interests and know how to resolve these sorts of issues. In 2015 there were 551 construction cases with claims of $500,000 or more administered by the American Arbitration Association, and the total value of all the claims that year was $5.5 billion. There is a lot of money to be lost if you don’t have the right person on your side. It needs to be an attorney who knows your contract, knows your company, and has experience in arbitration.

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney? When I Need to Protect Myself

As a construction company, you are essentially putting yourself at risk in every different direction. Not only do you need to write a good contract with the main client, but you also need someone who can watch out for every license and permit that you might need and can oversee subcontracts with plumbers, electricians, and all the other possible trade fields you’ll need to work with. Having a good attorney on retainer gives you peace of mind that you’re being protected in all your dealings.

Lawyers for construction companies are there to make sure you get the best contract possible. Then, they remain there to make sure you are protected as you deal with subcontractors and government agencies. They are on your side when arbitration becomes necessary, protecting your interests. Don’t wait till you have a problem to find a lawyer. Get one from the beginning of a project so that you are free to concentrate on getting to work.

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