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There are many reasons why an employee might want or need to take FMLA leave from a job. The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law giving workers legal permission to take time off from their job for certain health reasons or for specific responsibilities in the care of a family member. Employers are required to give their employees notices pertaining to their rights according to their job and FMLA. An employer is also allowed to ask for documentation from a worker who claims to need time off according to the FMLA. These workers are legally required to provide proof of their need to take time off from their job for their own, or a family member’s medical needs.

There are strict regulations governing employers when it comes to allowing or not allowing their employees to take leave from their job for reasons of their health or a family member’s need for full time care. There are now federal FMLA guidelines for employers. Before these rules were in place, employers sometimes made it difficult for a worker to have the time off he or she needed. Employers would sometimes use the excuse that the employee did not give enough notice that he or she had a situation that warranted time off; this, among other reasons, prompted the need for attorneys for FMLA violations. However, now it is only necessary for the worker to provide the required and sufficient proof that leave from the job for an extended period of time is necessary.

Before regulations were put into place that enabled people to be granted the vital medical leave they requested, employers could use any reason for refusing. Disability discrimination is one reason, but would not be spoken. It is a fact that 19% of the population of the United States has one disability or another. Disabilities come in forms that can be not only physical, but also emotional. Either one is as debilitating as the other. Too many people lack the understanding needed to accept an emotional disability; for instance, anxiety attacks or depression. Therefore, daily functionality becomes even more difficult for the affected person. Seven million adults deal with this type of emotional disability, to the point that daily life becomes too difficult. Again, now, with accredited documentation, an employer, whether they understand or even agree with the diagnosis, is obligated to grant the leave.

Even with laws and regulations in place there still remain employers who will try to prevent workers from taking family and medical leave. Attorneys for FMLA violations are available who are armed and ready to go to bat for those who are having a hard time procuring the leave they need. Of people who needed a leave of absence from work for medical reasons, many reported that they were victims of some kind of reprisal as a result. This is one of the types of disability discrimination that attorneys for FMLA violations are equipped for.

In 2011 45% of workers reported that they saw things done in the workplace that were, by all definition, wrong. 46% of people said that because of the fear of retaliation, they never reported what they saw. Of the 22% who actually did report what they saw, they all said that they did experience retaliation. Among the many things that have been observed in different workplaces over the years are sexual harassment and age discrimination, as well as other types of workplace harassment and workplace discrimination. Because of the common occurrences of these types of harassment and intolerance, victims are now able to retain attorneys for sexual harassment as well as discrimination attorneys to represent them and plead their case. Attorneys for FMLA violations are a needed blessing in order for both employees and employers to be protected from violators.

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