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Best Ways to Look for a Bail Bondsman in Your Area

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Dealing with a bail bondsman might seem like a scary idea, but someone you love is going to depend on you to go here and get them out of jail. Understanding how the process works before going into a bail bond company can help you get through it quicker and expedite the time your loved one spends in jail. First, take a deep breath and give yourself the time you need to get your affair in orders. Whenever you’re ready, continue to read on to see just how you can get a bail bond for someone who is currently sitting in jail.

Contact the Court to See How Much Bail Is

Before even contacting your bail bondsman, you want to contact the court to see how much the bail is going to be set at. This is going to vary on whether someone needs misdemeanor criminal bonds or a regular criminal bond. These are vastly different from one another most times and will require you to approach things a little different for yourself. The more time you can invest in getting to know the situation you are in, the better decisions you can make as to what your next step will be in the process.

Call a Bails Bondsman and Consult First

Never make a final decision on a bail bondsman on the first contact. You want to make sure that you are shopping around a bit because you are most likely going to have to pay some money to the bondsman as a down payment on the loan itself. When you first call, you are going to need to provide the bail bondsman with the name of the person currently incarcerated, their social security number and date of birth.

If you don’t have any of this information readily available, it is going to be difficult for the bondsman to track down the person you are looking for in the system. If you can contact the person in jail or if you know someone who may have the information, giving them a call is advisable because you want to make sure you are prepared. You never want to go to a bail bondsman without all the right information otherwise it just delays the process.

After You Consult, See What Kind of Price They Want You to Pay

After you get all the information to the bail bondsman, you want to see how much they are trying to make you put down before they are willing to put the remaining balance down to get your loved one out of jail. This is often going to be subject to how your finances are looking with which company you should choose.

If you find that you’re talking with a bail bonds company that doesn’t give you a reasonable down payment, this is where you are going to want to change your plans. This is why it’s important never to settle on a company first. You want all the information and you want to price check elsewhere first to see if you can put less down elsewhere.

Most Bail Requires You to Put 5% on It

If the bail is set above $5,000, they usually make you put a 5% deposit down on the overall bail so that you can get the person out. This acts as collateral that you will ensure the person shows up to jail. For a bails bondsman, they are risking their money for bailing your loved one out of jail. However, they won’t go after them — they will go after you.

This is something that most people don’t understand when they are co-signing a bails bondman paperwork for misdemeanor bonds. Most times, you are agreeing that if the person doesn’t pay them the installments or forfeits on the bail, that you are a responsible party that will take care of this debt. This is why so many people are worried about taking out these bail bonds in the first place. The thought of not getting your down payment back or you having to be indebted can be a hard thought. So make your decision wisely before signing on the dotted line for a bails bondsman.

Find the Perfect Person For You

Look into your bail bondsman very carefully today.

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