It May Be Time to Hire a Car Accident Attorney


You never thought you’d have to call a car accident attorney ? not until now at least. This makes the entire situation extremely scary for you because you don’t know anything about the law when it comes to a car accident. If you are being held at-fault for the accident and need a legal team on your side, it’s time to start investing now. You want to hire a lawyer that will provide you with the best services and can represent you in the best way possible during your trial. Here are a few great tips on how the journey will go with your car accident attorney.

Consultations are First

When you begin to go through the hiring process for a legal team, you will notice that you have to go in for a consultation first for almost every single law firm. This is because every team wants to assess your case to see if they want to represent you. Although it’s unlikely that a car accident attorney won’t represent you, there are times when a team doesn’t want to put their name on the line.

This consultation will help establish whether you and that attorney can work together on your case. If they take your case on, you may be in luck on getting out of the incident or, at the very least, getting a good settlement amount to pay to the person injured in the car accident.

Determining Your Fault in the Accident

If the attorney decides that they are going to take on your case, they will need to review the files. This can usually take up to a week before the attorney can get to it depending on their workload and if they are also in other fields of law such as divorce or criminal law. The more diverse the lawyer, the longer possible prospect to get that lawyer to do your case for you. However, they will often get you setup as soon as possible — if not with the main attorney, an assistant will usually try to help out if it has been over a week usually.

When they review over the files, the attorney will determine whether they feel you are at fault or not. Most times, they will discuss with you briefly over your innocence in the consultation to help make a note of where you stand before fully analyzing all of the evidence. If the lawyer comes to the decision that you may want to settle out of court, take the advice seriously.

If your car accident attorney feels like you are going to lose the case, there is a high probability that this could happen. If this is a concern of yours, then settling out of court will be an ideal way of handling the case.

Mediation Services Required

Typically, before this goes in front of a judge, you will be required to sit down with the other party during mediation. What mediation does is appoints someone as the “mediator” — typically someone who has experience in law but is not a judge — and they will go through the case with both you and the other party. With both attorney’s present, they will try to come up with an agreement for you and the other party.

Mediation can go on for several weeks, especially if you or the other party are having difficulty with the agreements being made. Until things are settled, you will continue to go back to the mediator unless the two of you want to settle it with a judge.

The Judge is the Last Stop

If you and the other person were unable to get past the mediation and come to a conclusion, then your case will be heard in front of a judge. During this civil case, the judge will usually rule after being presented with the evidence in either your favor or the others. If you have a good car accident attorney present, you may be able to get the judgment in your favor.

Find an Attorney Willing to Help You

Even if one legal team turns you down, there are other car accident lawyers in the area who could be willing to help you. Continue to look around for one.

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