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Can You Handle Property Law Cases Yourself?

Failure to disclose defects

Real estate transactions are complicated enough and when it comes to real estate disputes, it’s almost impossible for the average homeowner or buyer to handle all issues on their own. For property law cases like foreclosure, eviction processes and building violations, having an experienced real estate attorney to advise and handle such matters is essential. The outcome of the case will affect all areas of your life.

Legal help for property law cases
If you’re buying a home or even renting, you’ve come across some of the more common problems. Whether it concerns pre-sales inspections or lease agreements, the law can be complicated. Even of it is actually intended to protect the buyer or tenant, it can be difficult to get it to work for you in practice.
Homeowners facing foreclosure processes have problems of another order altogether, and risk losing their investment as well as their creditworthiness. In all such property law cases, having the right legal advice and support can make all the difference to the outcome. Since this will significantly affect your life, it best to begin by consulting attorneys specializing in property law cases.

Tenant law in California
The law is actually intended to protect tenants but its complexity makes the difficult. Not only do you have to go to court to secure your rights, you need legal help to secure them. For instance, under California tenant law, a tenant who has lived in the premises over one year has some rights that cannot be violated. In case of an eviction, the landlord must provide at least a 60 days’ notice to vacate.
Sometimes eviction cases are taken to court. They will be heard by a judge within 20 days of the filing by either tenant or landlord. As with all property law cases, having reliable and experienced legal help can make all the difference to the outcome of the case.

Preventing foreclosures
Almost everyone knows someone who has had their home foreclosed or is facing the prospect. Of all property law cases, this is one of the most difficult to handle emotionally. Most people have put all their effort and financial savings into buying a home. And foreclosure threatens to take it all away from them.
Unfortunately, though the numbers are down from their peak in 2009-10, foreclosures are still happening. About one out of every two hundred homes will be foreclosed upon. However, the homeowners are not completely helpless, as most state laws are written to give them enough notice and opportunities to pay before foreclosure. An experienced real estate attorney can help homeowners to negotiate payment arrangements, avoid out of pocket costs, and maintain good credit.

Property law cases like foreclosure, tenant landlord disputes, and home inspections can be highly stressful. They can also be very complicated. Even though the laws are meant to help and defend tenants, home buyers and owners, it can be difficult to uphold their rights in court. Experienced attorneys can help to produce a good outcome in all such cases.

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