Three Common Causes of Off Road Accidents

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Off road vehicles help give people a sense of freedom. It’s common for people to take off road vehicles out during the weekend. It only takes one small error for a weekend of fun to turn into a personal injury. There are many situations where injuries take place while on an off road vehicle. It’s important to learn about common causes of an ATV accident. In this post, you will learn three factors that can cause an off road vehicle accident.

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    Consuming alcohol impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle. An auto accident attorney is used to working with cases involving alcohol related collisions. Many off road vehicle locations are known for their party environment. All it takes is one impaired driver to ruin your off road getaway. Hiring an off road vehicle accident attorney will help ensure all documents related to a crash are thoroughly investigated.
  • Faulty Equipment

    In some cases, an off road vehicle accident is caused by faulty equipment. It’s imperative to call an attorney if faulty equipment caused an accident. A lawyer will work to help ensure the company responsible is held accountable for their actions. A case where equipment is the cause of an accident will require the mind of a legal professional.
  • Using an Electronic Device

    The increased popularity of cell phones has made them one of the most popular distractions on the road. One study finds that the cost of car crashes in 2010 totaled up to $242 billion. Distracted drivers are very dangerous and can arrive at any off road setting. Many off road vehicles are known for their ability to reach high speeds. One simple distraction can lead to an unavoidable off road collision.
  • Poor Driver Behavior

    A recent edition of the AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index found that 78% of those surveyed rated aggressive drivers as a serious or extremely serious safety issue. Many off road locations do not feature a large police presence. Not having law enforcement around may cause people to behave differently, especially if alcohol is involved. Dealing with an aggressive driver can easily happen in an off road situation.

In summary, there are several reasons that an off road accident may occur. A study from 2013 finds that fatal transportation injuries made up for two out of five fatal injuries in the workplace. Transportation injuries often occur in an off road environment. The lack of rules while not on an official roadway may have certain drivers feel a false sense of confidence. This false confidence may have a driver feeling like they can handle distractions without causing injury. In many cases, one bad judgment by a driver leads to a catastrophic situation, especially for innocent collision victims. Hiring an off road vehicle accident attorney helps to ensure you have professional representation after a collision.

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