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Clumsy Burglar Falls Over

Many movies portray your typical burglar as being clumsy and dumb. Many times, this is not the case in real life, but then again, sometimes it is. In this video, you will see a hilarious burglar (with a great sense of fashion) take a spill right in front of the security camera. He will be serving some jail time.

Kent’s Meats and Groceries is located in Redding, California. On March 5th, 2013, a burglar attempted to break in to the store.

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This burglar stands right at the door without a mask. Then, he hurls a brick at the glass door. This brick cracks the glass but does not break it. After realizing his failure, this bumbling burglar attempts to run away. However, he stumbles on the curb and takes a spill on the pavement. According to a professional, this man would only be prosecuted for vandalism rather than breaking and entering. This is because the man never actually entered the building. He also did not have the right tools to enter such as a screwdriver or crowbar. The fact that he attempted to flee also means that he would not be charged for burglary. However, he will likely still end up in prison for up to a year for the vandalism. On the bright side, Kent’s Meats and Groceries has gotten a lot of press over this vandalism which is sure to outweigh the damages.


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