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What Does a Probate Attorney Do?

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Executing wills when a person passes away and handling their assets can be a tricky affair. This video outlines some of the basics of what probate is and what a probate attorney does.

What is Probate?

When a person passes away, there assets are dispersed according to their wishes and the state laws. Probate is this entire process. It ensures the deceased’s wishes are followed and their debts paid.

What is a Probate Lawyer?

A probate lawyer works with the estate to settle all of these affairs. They help the executor of the will navigate the probate process of inheritance, debt, and other tasks.

They are experts in probate and the state law that applies to it. Without a probate lawyer, navigating this web can be a complex headache that’s almost insurmountable.

What does a Probate Lawyer Do?

Common tasks include collecting proceeds from life insurance, collecting assets that have beneficiaries, assisting in paying debts, and determining inheritance factors. They can help resolve tax issues and manage the estate finances.

Make sure to do your research if you are looking for a probate lawyer. Get referrals from loved ones who have gone through the same process. For a more in-depth explanation, click the link to the video above.

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