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Do You Need a Probate Lawyer?

Whether you require the services of a probate attorney is contingent upon your comprehension of what a probate attorney is. According to Scott Rahn of RMO Lawyers, in a brief YouTube video titled “What Does a Probate Lawyer Do? | RMO Lawyers”, a probate attorney is an attorney licensed by the state to settle the decedent’s affairs with the assistance of a co-executor through the probate procedure.

After figuring out what a probate attorney is, the video discusses why you might require the services of a probate attorney.

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A probate attorney serves as a liaison between the decedent’s beneficiaries and the executors, ensuring that the assets are distributed properly. He does it properly by finding and recognizing the decedent’s actual assets or property and distributing them in accordance with his or her bequest. Additionally, a probate attorney will frequently negotiate and settle bills, taxes, and obligations on your behalf with the assistance of your tax consultant.

As said in the video, a probate lawyer can assist in managing an estate or the decedent’s general finances on behalf of the beneficiaries. Can also assist with federal or state financial matters.

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