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Best Majors to Pursue for Law School

For those who know they want to go to law school at some point, it’s important to pick a good major for their undergraduate degree. There is no requirement for the course of study that is chosen for the person’s undergraduate degree. It is helpful, however, to choose something that meshes well with the study of law. One of the majors that can best help prepare someone for law school is a major in philosophy. This discipline requires a lot of logic and teaches students to compare and contrast two opposing positions as well as thinking critically.

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Another major that can be highly helpful is music. It may not sound compatible with law school, but it can help students to become highly disciplined. The self-discipline they learn in music can help them later in law school. Engineering is another major that can help future law school students. It teaches them to work hard to understand difficult concepts and to put in long hours with their schoolwork. Whether a student wants to be one of the country’s defense lawyers, a prosecutor, or another specialty, they need to choose a major where they can get good grades so that good law schools will be willing to accept them.

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