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How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost?

If you’re trying to become a citizen in the United States, there are many hurdles to jump over. No matter how you got to the states, obstacles always seem to find their way to get in front of you. If you and your family are trying to acquire citizenship in the United States, don’t be afraid to contact a family immigration lawyer. What exactly does an immigration attorney do? They keep up with the law and find ways to make you a citizen legally.

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Going to an immigration law firm, the biggest concern you’ll probably have is the money. Immigration law services are not cheap and can often run you thousands of dollars. Luckily there are many attorneys out there who will take the work no matter what. There are two categories of fees that you need to think of when you’re hiring an immigration lawyer. One is going to be the fee of filing the paperwork to get legalized, and the other fee is going to be the attornies take. The paperwork will typically be the most expensive part, while the lawyer will still be slightly less expensive.

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