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Starting a CPA Firm

In this video, you will learn about cpa firms. The video goes through the steps for how he started his own cpa firm. Opening a business can be tough, but certain businesses like a cap firm are at high demand. The guest speaker went to college for accounting.

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He went to work at the biggest law firm in the world. He started in audit, then went over to tax. He said that tax actually helps the client, while audit makes the client not like you. The guest said that he was internally auditing work. Most accountants are in auditing. He realized the money was in tax. Certain processes like this mean you are checking people’s work. On the tax said, the client thinks you are going to help save them money. If something goes wrong you have to go to the boss and ask where things are going wrong. You can be a CPA by taking the CPA Exam. He didn’t really like doing tax in college. Once he worked in auditing, he decided it was more rewarding to work in tax. The client has to pay to get audited. They don’t like auditors. Keep watching the video for more information.

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