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How much does it cost to file bankruptcy with a lawyer?

Are you in a bad money situation that you’re looking to get out of? For many people, finding yourself in debt is much more common than people think. Whether it be school debt or credit card debt, almost every American has it. With the cost of living going up and bad practices in savings, more and more Americans are trying to find a way to get a hard reset. One way to do this would be to hire a bankruptcy attorney and file. Attorneys can guide you in how to file in the first place and if it’s even the correct move.

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There are pros and cons to filing so you should consider this when deciding to proceed. A pro is that part of your debt can be absolved. The big downside is that this stays on your record forever. Lawyers need to inform you of this because if you do file, your credit isn’t going to recover for a long time. So make sure you get the facts before you opt into the potential $1800 bill that can get the lawyer you may need.

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