Everything You Need to Know About Patents

Did you know that there are only four ways that you can legally protect your intellectual property? These include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. When something means the world to you because you’ve invented it from the mind and heart, you want to do everything possible to protect it and keep it within your own family. With very little in the way of options, you want to ensure that you’re doing everything right. This is why it pays to speak with a patent attorney and protect your rights during this time.

Everything You Need to Know About Patents: A Short Overview

When it comes to patent law, you want to be well-versed by the time you speak with your patent attorney and get the show on the road when it comes to your latest and greatest invention (or thought!) Did you know that patents have been around for quite some time, with the first patent law enacted in 1790? Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of patents released to many people who believe they have created the next greatest thing. In fact, in just 2016, there were over 300,000 patents assigned to those who applied.

The USPTO, the official office for patents, receives six times more parents today than it did in the 80s, which means that our need to invent is only growing and becoming stronger. There are three criteria that determine if you will be able to receive a patent. These include usefulness, novelty, and non-obviousness. If these are met, then you will be permitted to create – and create wonderfully!

Patents aren’t meant to last forever. When it comes to design patents, for instance, you might only have 14 years before the patent is up and you have to move onto bigger and better patents. You want to understand the patent process inside and out, which means that you’ll need an attorney on your side to help you. Don’t wait another moment when it comes to your creative genius, and consider speaking with an attorney as soon as possible!

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