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Get the Justice You Deserve With a Great Appeals Attorney

Criminal appeals attorney

Have you been found guilty of a legal transgression but you feel that the proceedings did not go justly? If so, you should know that you are perfectly entitled to hire appellate lawyers, perhaps those from a criminal defense law firm, who will take your case to the appropriate appeals court.

More specifically, appeal lawyers aim to present a strong, substantive case for some sort of reason for the previous court’s findings to be thrown out. Perhaps there was a misapplication of precedent, or a violation of judicial rules and protocol. In any case, if these factors in any way skewed the result of the trial, the appeals case is taken to this higher court, also known as a federal circuit court, where they will reexamine the trial.

Collectively, this circuit court is comprised of 13 separate circuits, in which the court of appeals is housed. With the passing of each judicial term, all of these courts end up hearing over 10,000 separate cases.

If you feel you have been wronged in your first trial, your task is not only find a criminal law attorney but to find an appeal lawyer who has vast experience in representing clients to whom the justice system has somehow done a disservice.

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