The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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The highest number of lawsuits in the United States stem from traffic accidents — an alarming 54.7 million of them. A portion of these are motorcycle accidents, and a good portion of those involve motorcycles. In many cases these accidents could have been avoided, and knowing what generally causes them can help everyone on the road take efforts to make the road a safer place. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Lane splitting
The term lane splitting refers to a vehicle riding between two lanes of vehicles all going the same direction. This is illegal in many states, but motorcyclists tend to lane split since they are smaller than the other vehicles and can fit between and maneuver around them. This typically happens when traffic has slowed or stopped, but it can still be very dangerous and is a common cause of motorcycle crashes, since other drivers do not expect this behavior and motorcycles are not always easy to see.

Collisions with cars
Motorcycles and cars often collide when cars are making left hand turns. Motorcycles are more likely to be hit if they are speeding up to try to pass the car, if they have been riding in the car’s blind spot, or if they have been following too closely. Again, motorcycles are hard for drivers to notice so if the rider is not keeping a safe distance it can be hard to avoid hitting them.

Inclement weather
Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is inclement weather. Since motorcycles are typically two wheeled vehicles they are harder to control to begin with, and slippery roads and decreased visibility can be very dangerous for a motorcycle rider. Wearing protective gear and checking the weather before going for a ride are important precautions to take to avoid getting into an accident due to inclement weather. Furthermore, drivers should pay closer attention to the roads and look out for riders, especially when navigating turns and switching lanes.

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