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Knowing When to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many different crimes are committed all across the United States, and there are just as many laws to protect the victims of these crimes, and the police departments and courts to handle criminal cases such as if someone is charged with a sex crime, a drug possession crime, or federal crimes. Often, these laws are designed to protect money, property, or a person’s well-being against criminal acts. Acts of violence, sexual abuse, damaging property, stealing items or money, interfering with honest business work, and more are often the most common crimes that are punished in the United States. Examples may include stock fraud, groping or rape, assault, theft of money, or breaking and entering, or possession of methamphetamine or cocaine. When a person is facing sex crime charges, drug possession charges, or even white collar crime charges, he or she will face a court date and will have to defend his or her position. But this can be difficult to do alone, especially for a repeat offender. For this reason, a person facing criminal charges can visit a criminal defense law firm for legal help. A white collar crime attorney, for example, can help someone who is accused of fraud or laundering money, and a white collar criminal defense lawyer can argue his or her client’s case in court. But a white collar crime attorney does not cover all crimes. A drunk driving lawyer can be contacted, for example.

When to Hire a White Collar Crime Attorney

A white-collar crime, as many call it, calls for the help of a white collar crime attorney, but what is this sort of crime? This is in fact a general term for non-violent crimes that involve misuse of money or assets, or lying about information, in terms of banking, office work, and other work. Embezzlement is one such example, and a person who faces charges of embezzlement may call upon a white collar crime attorney to bolster their case. For every 100,000 Americans, about 5,317 are arrested every year for white-collar crimes, and a 2017 research program done by Hixcox Embezzlement Survey found that women commit about 51% of all embezzlement crimes. Embezzlement is simply when a worker illegally appropriates funds for their own purpose rather than the intended purpose. An embezzler, for example, is responsible for a large sum of money for business purposes, but will secretly steal some of this money for themselves. A crime like this will, if the person is arrested, call for a white collar crime attorney for a defense. Securities or stock fraud is another white collar crime, describing when an employee falsifies information about stocks and other financial assets to fool investors. Such acts can often cost huge sums of money to the victims.

Someone who is arrested for a white collar crime like embezzlement or stock fraud will face a court date, and he or she will need a defense to try and get a more desirable outcome. This person can reach out to law firms that specialize in white-collar crime cases, and the accused can get consultations from the lawyers who work there (this may or may not incur a fee) and find a lawyer whose skills, experience, and success rate are to the client’s liking. Together, they can build their case, and the lawyer can use their expertise with relevant law to negotiate with the court for a lighter sentence on their client’s behalf. Without such a lawyer, an accused may face still penalties that go well beyond getting fired from their job. The accused may be facing heavy fines or even time in jail or a minimum security prison if they are arguing their case alone, so a white-collar attorney’s help is nearly always something to be desired. Nothing in particular is being guaranteed here, but an attorney may help the client get a lighter sentence, such as lighter fines or trading jail time for their resignation or anything else that the court decided upon.

Law firms for other crimes, such as drunk driving or sexual offenses, can be found for a similar purpose, and help someone accused of DUI, sexual crimes, or drug possession get a lighter sentence if possible.

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