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This Is How You Prepare For Your DUII Court Date

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Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking? It’s okay; educating yourself and others on intoxicated driving can only help, not hinder you. With even alcohol brands putting forth advertisements discouraging drinking and driving, it would stand to reason that actual cases would have diminished dramatically by now. They have not. Because driving while under the influence has different names in different states, today we will focus on the state of Oregon, and its DUII laws.

What Oregon City Lawyers Want You to Know About DUII Law.

Like other states, Oregon cites a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 as legally intoxicated. Incidentally, just being out in public with this BAC level is a crime, drunk in public. If you are pulled over and found to be at or over the legal limit, the consequences vary depending on if it is a repeat occurrence or your first time. The consequences of a first time conviction are up to 48 hours in jail, a minimum fine of $1,000, and a suspension of your driving license for one year. Oregon City lawyers know the most likely outcome of a case because they have argued for numerous DUII cases. They may have recommendations on how to receive the minimum, instead of the maximum, sentence.

How a DUII Attorney Will Help You to Formulate a DUII Defense.

Oregon City lawyers will want all the details of the night you were pulled over. The details may seem inconsequential to you, however; it is their job to know the weaker points in the case. For example, say you were drinking at a bar, had maybe two alcoholic beverages, and were pulled over just a minute or two after you drove out of the bar’s parking lot. Oregon City lawyers would be familiar with which bars have a reputation for these occurrences. They may have a clear record of other times the police laid in wait for the bar patron’s to leave. The weak point here would be that there may have been no cause for you to be pulled over in this scenario; you were targeted because of the place you had exited, not because of your driving.

The DUII Conviction: What to Do Next.

If you have been convicted of a DUII, do not despair. It will of course be on your record, but there are steps you can take to mitigate the worst of it. First, do not allow it to happen again. If you have a problem, seek out help. Your friends and family will thank you. Secondly, ask about classes offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that can help boost your driving score when you get your license reinstated. Third, there may be the option of installing a device in your car once you are allowed to drive again. The device acts as a breathalyzer, and reassures the DMV and the police that you are not driving intoxicated. Think of it as a way of building your credit, but with trust instead of money.

The best defense against a DUII conviction is to avoid it entirely by planning ahead. When an intoxicated person decides to drive, they are not just putting themselves in danger. They are selfishly risking the safety of everyone else on the path to their destination. It can be difficult to confront someone you know who is about to drink and drive. So don’t confront them. Help them get home safe, by offering a ride from yourself, a friend, or a driving service. Do the difficult task of reminding them of the risks of getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

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