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Why Police Dash Cameras Are Becoming More Necessary Over The Years

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The legal system relies on a careful balance of accountability, evidence and practicality in every given situation. Nowhere is this more clear than the increasing need for police dash cameras and body cameras. The amount of cameras used in the day-to-day have fluctuated from year to year as the needs of the populace have changed, leading to a significant overhaul that cannot be overlooked. Below is a comprehensive list and series of statistics on the function of body cameras, police dash cameras and why you should consider updating your technology.

Yearly Figures

To know the need of police dash cameras is to keep a close eye on yearly figures and the changes they go through. The year 2012 saw nearly 800,000 police officers working throughout the United States — the American police force is expected to increase by an estimated 41,000 people by the time 2022 rolls around, making it a rapidly evolving field that requires constant technological updates to stay relevant.

Global Market

The function of police dash cameras cannot be understated in a vast and complex society. The global dashboard camera market, based solely on revenue, was valued at millions of dollars back in 2013 — this is also forecast to grow at a compound growth rate of 15% between 2014 and 2020. This is due to the vital daily function of this surveillance and recording technology in basic interactions.

Daily Function

Both body cameras for law enforcement and police dash cameras serve the same purpose at the end of the day — to ensure reliability on behalf of law enforcement and provide sustainable evidence involving arrests, accusations or potential fines. Over 77% of officers polled in a recent survey said they believe body cameras to be more effective or just as effective as police dash cameras. However, additional data has found over 75% of police departments still do not require body cameras on all of their working officers.

Public Relations

It is imperative to curry favorable relations and daily trust with the populace protected. Another 2015 report by the Police Department for the City Council’s Public Safety And Livable Neighborhoods Committee saw complaints against the San Diego police falling 40%, as well as the use of personal body force being reduced by 46%, ever since the San Diego police department began using body cameras daily.

Creating A Safer Environment For All

Police car video cameras are an essential part of the protection and surveillance process. The beginning of 2004 saw over 47 states as well as the District Of Columbia receiving a total of more than 21 million in federal assistance for the installation and purchase of in-car cameras. A 2012 survey conducted in ap artnership between both PoliceOne and TASER International among over 785 federal, state and local law enforcement officers found over 85% of respondents saying body-worn cameras reduce false claims as well as the likelihood of litigation against agencies. Installing police dash cameras will only continue to go a long way in improving public relations and creating a safer environment for everyone involved.

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