Three of the World’s Worst Cyber Crime Hot Spots

Computer forensic science

As the world becomes more and more invested in Internet technologies, law enforcement agencies are relying more heavily on computer forensics investigators who use digital forensic science to catch online criminals. Cyber crime has become such a problem that it costs the global economy $400 each year, according to computer forensics specialists’ estimates.

Although cyber crime is becoming a more prevalent problem all across the world, certain countries are having to employ more digital forensic examiners than others. Here are a few such places in need computer forensics specialists.


Russian crime syndicates have some of the most technologically advanced tools in the world of cyber crime. On recent digital forensic investigation revealed that Russian hackers obtained access to a record 1.2 billion username and password combinations recently. Part of the problem there is that the Russian government continues to poorly invest in digital forensic science programs, which has allowed cyber criminal organizations to grow and evolve.


Conversely, the Chinese government has invested millions into the cyber crime problem. The only trouble is that they’re not focused on digital forensic science, but on hacking — there have been numerous international hacking incidents that the Chinese government was allegedly behind. Just last May the U.S. Justice Department moved to charge five Chinese government officials for having orchestrated cyber attacks against six U.S. companies.


Brazil is an emerging cyber crime hot spot, as criminals there and across South America continue to learn about hacking from their East European counterparts. Some criminals will even pay for Russia’s complex tools. One recent cyber attack from Brazil was able to pilfer billions from an online payment system.

Digital forensic science is a crucial part of protecting the modern, global economy, and unfortunately it’s severely lacking right now. Although there’s a milieu of other problems for the U.S. government to deal with right now, law enforcement agencies seriously need to invest more in digital forensic science. Otherwise, attacks from these countries will continue to have a disastrous impact on the global economy. Reference links.

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