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What’s the Deal With Divorce? Breaking Down Why Divorce Happens, and How to Deal With it

What do family lawyers do

Divorce isn’t a bad word, or a necessarily bad thing. In fact, the divorce rate is nearly 50% in the United States. Rather than shy away from the topic, people have elected to perform studies and learn as much about the process and the causes as possible.

Filing for divorce papers isn’t always an instantaneous decision. In fact, marriages that end in divorce often last an average of eight years before things start to fall apart. Every year, there are at least a million people whose parents either file for separation or divorce. The causes of divorce vary in every situation. However, the most common reasons for ordering divorce papers include communication issues, infidelity, financial struggles, emotional or physical abuse, and loss of interest.

If divorce is on the horizon, the first thing to do in any case should be looking up how to find a divorce lawyer. A good divorce attorney will help you file your divorce forms, transition smoothly through the process, and get everything done as quickly as possible. However, even with the best divorce lawyers, the entire process usually takes anywhere from eight months to an entire year. The best case scenario in any court is an uncontested divorce. In this case, the involved parties will have no disagreements over financial or divorce related issues. These issues often include child custody and support, as well as division of property. If none of these issues are present, then there is a much higher chance that the divorce will proceed quickly and efficiently without further incident.

Whether the divorce is uncontested or not, hiring a custody lawyer may be a good idea for coupled who have children. Not only can family and custody lawyers help sort out support and custody issues, they can help children understand what is going on in simpler terms. In any divorce involving children, it’s extremely important for them to understand and be guided through the process. Children who have experienced a difficult divorce situation are twice as likely to engage in risky behavior and drop out of school, so protecting and educating any child of divorce is extremely important.

Divorce is no longer the taboo of the 20th century. It happens every day, and with each new divorce, more lives are affected. The best thing anyone in this situation can do is be educated, level-headed, and hire the best divorce lawyer they can afford.

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