General Motors Stirs Up Controversy With Another Recall

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General Motors is at it again. After recalling millions of vehicles earlier this year with defective ignition switches, the global car manufacturer is issuing another recall. This time, the company is recalling 7 million vehicles also with faulty ignition switches. How did they let this happen again, and are victims families eligible for compensation and wrongful death settlements?

Why Is GM Recalling Vehicles This Time?

“GM said Monday that it is issuing another six safety recalls that involve 7.6 million vehicles in the U.S. from the 1997 to 2014 model years; including GM vehicles worldwide, Monday’s recall accounts for 8.4 million vehicles,” Forbes writes. “Among these recalled vehicles, GM said it is aware of seven crashes, eight injuries and three fatalities. The company said that the fatal crashes occurred in older model full-size sedans that are now being recalled for ‘inadvertent ignition key rotation.'” The most recent recall follow similar instances, when cars were recalled four faulty ignition switches which ultimately turn off power steering, airbags, and more. What’s more, most recalled cars were compact models — those favored by parents and teens for safe and cost-efficient first car options.

Are Families Eligible For Compensation?

GM has promised at least $1 million to each family who lost a loved one owing to the faulty ignition switches. In other words, those suffering serious car accident injuries or even losing loved ones to accidental death from the recalled vehicles can receive money for medical bills or funeral expenses. GM defended the most recent recall, stating that they are acting vigilantly and in consumers and drivers’ best interests. Accident attornsy and personal injury lawyers are available to discuss possible options, if you or a loved one was involved in a crash involving one of the company’s defective vehicles.

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