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How You Should Fight Felony Drug Charges

Like any other criminal case, the strategy used to fight felony drug charges will depend on your case and the charge that you are facing. Here are the key things that are evaluated in every case.

• The first important thing is weight. In some cases, for instance, possession of marijuana, the weight can dictate whether this is an infraction or whether it is a felony. Simple things like having the drugs reweighted (hiring drug lawyers can help in this case) will make a huge difference.
• The second important thing is independent testing.

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If there was no way to prove that you were actually in possession of the drugs, then the prosecution would have to rely on circumstantial evidence to show that you had them. If they could get someone else to admit to being with you when you possessed the drugs, then the prosecutor would be able to use their testimony against you.
• Another important thing is the amount of drugs. If you are charged with possessing a large quantity of drugs, the prosecutor may try to argue that you intended to sell the drugs. This is because the intent is not required to be convicted of possessing a controlled substance. However, if you are only charged with possessing a small amount of drugs, the prosecution will have to prove that you knew what you were doing.

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