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Different Types of Law Enforcement

Some people are under the assumption that all law enforcement is the same thing. They don’t know the difference between local, state, and federal agencies. While some aspects of a law enforcement job can be universal, there are some distinct differences to know about. Take a look at this video to learn about specific points of each level.

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The most common law enforcement you likely see regularly are your local authorities. They’re responding to everyday calls and crimes and are tasked with keeping order in your town or city. Occasionally, depending on the call, they will partner with state-level police agencies for reinforcement. State police often have more resources to assist on calls when necessary.

State police are often found on interstate highways. Since highways will stretch over multiple towns and cities, local agencies aren’t able to offer support across the state. As stated above, state police have significant funding and are ready to help when called upon. Federal agencies are generally called in with notorious or particularly dangerous situations. Oftentimes, federal agents will perform undercover work when needed. Keep watching this video to learn more!.

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